What are the Equipment to Start a Snack Business?

For those of you who have the desire to start a culinary business, you must have thought about what tools are needed. The goods and equipment needed certainly differ from one business to another.

Does your snack business provide dine-in services, or can consumers just buy it and consume it elsewhere?

Then, what equipment is needed for these operational activities, and how much does this equipment cost?

Equipment to Start a Snack Business

The goods and equipment needed by a business certainly follow from the initial concept of the business. Does the snack business that you manage provide dine-in services, or not? Does your business produce these snack products yourself, or only sell products from suppliers? So, here are some basic equipment that you might need to support the operational activities (and production activities) of a snack business.

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1. Equipment for snack business operational activities

Below are some basic equipment to support business activities in your snack shop.

  • Cabinets & shelves

The first equipment you need is cabinets & shelves to display snack products. Cabinets will be used to store goods in the store, while shelves can be used to display snack products that are to be sold. Before deciding to buy cabinets & shelves, you should first measure the dimensions of the room that you will fill with the equipment. This is to avoid items that don’t fit, or are too big when put into the store.

  • Table chairs

If your business provides dine-in services, of course you need to prepare at least two or three sets of tables and chairs for consumers.

  • Tableware

You will also need cutlery; such as plates, spoons, forks, knives, glasses, and tissue paper.

  • Cash register (cash register)

If your business serves purchases in stores, of course you have to set up a cash register to help complete transactions. Manual cash register, as you often see in shopping centers. But nowadays, more businesses are using Android-based online cash registers. With a price that is more or less the same as a manual cash register, you can get an Android cash register that is more compact in size and doesn’t take up much space, along with a proof of payment printer, and also a cash drawer.

2. Equipment for snack business production activities

If your business turns out to produce its own snack products that are sold, then the following equipment is almost certain to be available in the snack business kitchen.

  • Mixers

A hand mixer, or hand mixer, is a type of mixer that can easily be moved anywhere according to the desired stirring position.

  • Whisk

This whisk has the function of mixing light dough by hand, for example when beating egg whites or making sauces.

  • Baking sheet

For those of you who are just starting a snack food business, choose a pan made of aluminum because the price is usually the most affordable.

  • Spatula

The spatula serves to grease the cake or stir the cookie dough manually.

  • Pan

This one kitchen tool can be used for frying, sautéing, baking, and cooking soupy foods. Depending on the type, use, and dimensions of the pan itself.

  • Oven

If you sell food such as cakes to be used as snacks, then you almost certainly need an oven to bake the dough.

  • Stove

For cooked and fried snacks, you will need a stove. For an electric stove with a built-in model, the price can be up to twice the price of an ordinary electric stove.

  • Packaging & vacuum sealer

The last equipment and which is quite important to have if you produce snack products yourself is the packaging & vacuum sealer section.


Those are some of the basic equipment that you might need when starting a snack business. You can choose to provide only snack products, or also produce the snacks that you sell yourself. It’s best if you don’t need to buy too many expensive equipment at the start of starting a business. You can add the capacity of each of these items later when your business is starting to stabilize and make a profit.

Hope it is useful!

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